Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Shrand is based in Los Angeles working as a composer's assistant and is the Operations Manager for MusicRecycle.


Her first composition was a song she wrote about pineapple at age 3: the premier performance of the piece was sung by herself in the car seat. 

She also continues to perform, record, and work on projects composing music for medias, as well as new material with her band, Couch Beach. She graduated from Berklee College of Music in May of 2020, with degrees in Tuba Performance, Film Scoring, and a minor in Conducting. 

"Becca is one of the brightest students I've ever taught. She has too many talents to list and is excellent at everything she does."
-John Faieta, Trombonist and Professor

"Collaborating with Becca it was instantly clear to me that her musical talents were expansive and definite.  What is not tangible in her portfolio, however, is the enthusiasm she brings to her work, her ongoing hunger to experiment and implement new creative strategies, and the vibrant and compassionate woman behind the work. Becca created the musical score to my latest short, and I could not have imagined a better counterpart piece than what she created. I’m grateful to have worked with her, and I know she will continue to not only create great works, but work that is substantial and meaningful - work that was created with a smile on her face." 


-Matthew Gately, director

"It has been such a joy to work with Becca on our film Embered Youth. She is patient, diligent and has a gift of innately hearing the unspoken language of a story and translating it into sound. It would be an honour to work with her again on future projects."
-Shannon Haly, director
"She's fine I guess."
-Lucy, Becca's Pug